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Occupational Therapy Services

You can contact me for a free no-obligation telephone conversation to discuss your needs and to discover more about my role as an Occupational Therapist and health coach. If you prefer to contact me using email then that is no problem.

I visit clients in their own home or have appointments at the Keyworth Wellness Clinic.

I can also provide online consultations for clients who live further afield.

Occupational Therapy Assessment and Treatment Planning

You will receive a personalised holistic occupational therapy assessment to identify issues which are important to you. 

During the assessment I will ask you about any health conditions, your family, social and work roles, the ways in which you spend your time, your likes and dislikes, current problem areas and your hopes for the future.

Together we form an individualised treatment plan trying to prioritise what you would like to achieve, and we can set some goals accordingly. If there are any immediate quick fix solutions, I will of course, address these during this session if I can. Subsequent sessions include practical interventions which are relevant to you and reflect your needs.

Some people only require an assessment and written report.

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