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Long Covid or Post Covid Syndrome

Recovery from Covid 19 is different for everybody - in length of time and the types of symptoms experienced. Unfortunately some people are experiencing unwelcome symptoms for weeks and months after having the virus which can have debilitating effects on health, function and wellbeing.

As an Occupational Therapist I can work with you to enable you to manage your daily life better while waiting for the symptoms to go. You may be having some medical investigations as part of your treatment, and you may be waiting for an appointment at a Long Covid clinic. Sometimes waiting lists are long, so I would strongly recommend that you gain advice from an Occupational Therapist sooner rather than later for immediate guidance for living with Long Covid.

I can offer you flexible online consultations, home visits or appointments at the Keyworth Wellness Clinic.

I can support you with:

Fatigue Management

Paint Cloud

Brain Fog




Managing your Daily Activities

General Wellness 

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